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What is DuoMusic?

DuoMusic is a platform that allows you to learn guitar or bass with online, live lessons customized with professional tutors who will help you accelerate your learning. Choose the date and time of your lessons when it works for you and start polishing your technique.

How can I signup?

¡It's simple! Just register here choose your instrument and schedule a lessons with experienced tutors who will take you to the next level.

Can I take the lessons from any place?

Yes! You just need your favorite instrument, a computer and Internet connection and you can connect from anywhere in the world

Why DuoMusic?

- Save time: No need to waste time commuting, take lessons from your home. - Save money: Lessons in DuoMusic are cheaper than in-person academies - Convenience: Schedule your lessomns for the day and time when you're free. - Talent: You'll learn with the best tutors with amazing experience teaching music. - Customized: Build your custom plan focused on your interests.

What instruments can I learn in DuoMusic?

- Guitar (acoustic or electric) - Bass (electric) - Composicion Soon: Piano.

Why not use videos from YouTube?

Learning an instrument requires precision and technique. Having specialized feedback guiding you through the process helps you accelerate your learning. YouTube videos are great resources that we actually use during DuoMusic lessons and we have a YouTube channel where we post videos.

Who are the DuoMusic tutors?

DuoMusic has tutors with international experience and amazing trajectory in the music industry. Our tutors are: - Andy García, co-founder and bass player for Ekhymosis. - Felipe Marique, guitar lead for Ekhymosis. - Jorge Londono, guitar lead for Masacre.

How are the lessons? What do they include?

Each lessons includes: - Live lesson with your tutor, with high quality audio and video. Watch our demo to see how it works. - Score/tabs and software prepared by your tutor to address your interests and needs. You get to build the plan with your tutor so you can cover the areas you're interested in.

Can I record my lessons

¡Yes! We'll even show you how to do it so you can review it later and practice.

Do I need an instrument?

Unless you're taking composicion, yes. One of the advantages of DuoMusic is that you can use your own instrument from home, so you get comfortable playing with it.

What do I need for my DuoMusic lessons?

Requisites are: 1. Laptop or desktop with a camera and microphone. If you can use Skype or Google Hangouts, you're ready! 2. Internet connection. Again, if you can use Skype or Google Hangouts, you're ready! 3. Your musical instrument. If it's an electric guitar or bass, you'll need an amplifier too.

Can I take the lesson from my smartphone?

To make sure you can have a great quality experience, we strongly encourage you to use a laptop or desktop with the browser Google Chrome.

How long does each lesson last?

Each lesson lasts 55 minutos. We recommend being on time so you can make the most of the lessons.

At what times can I take lessons?

You can take lessons 7 days a week between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. (Colombia time GMT-5). If you're in a different timezone, don't worry, our platform automatically calculates the difference and shows you the hour in you local timezone.

How much does it cost?

Check the plan prices in our home site.

Can I cancel or reschedule a lesson?

Yes, as long as it's 24 hours or more before the lesson.

How can I pay for the plan?

You can pay online in our website with PayU, an international payments provider that accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards.

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